Friday, March 7, 2008

Current Typewriters

Olympia SM 7

Feature filled and slick, a pleasure to use. Not built to the same standards as the 1920s remington ... but then what is?

Remington Portable with case.

The rear pressure rollers need some work as the rubber has perished and will need to be replaced.

Remington Noiseless (With case)

All working but really needs a good clean and oil to help a sluggish carrage. The case is complete and should clean up well.

Remington Noiseless (Near mint condition with case)

Both the typewriter and case are in great condition. The machine is a pleasure to use and while not actually noiseless it is significantly quieter than normal typewriters.

Desktop Machines

Royal Model 10

A very solid machine with spectacular beveled glass windows into the internal workings. These solid model 10s have seen more than a few years go by.

Royal KHM

A natural follow-on from the model 10 above and every bit as heavy duty. Another workhorse from Royal

1940 Vintage Underwood Master

There has been an Underwood sitting back home in Oz for as long as I can remember. The tool of choice for creating readable correspondence, originally purchased for typing up welding notes.