Thursday, December 22, 2011

Coil Winding using the Gingery Coil Winder

Anyone who has seen the video below from KC9KEP will probably be wondering where he got the coil winder used to make those high Q coils with universal windings.

The design itself is based on the Morris Register Company (MoReCo) Coilmaster and modified for home brewing by Dave Gingery. His excellent book is available from and provides plans that use parts and tools commonly available in the home workshop.

Gingery coil winder by KC9KEP
Another resource for coil winders is a page from K5BCQ that shows the original Coilmaster, a different home brew plan and a large volume of useful information.
A vintage text is also available which covers inductor (coil) design in significant detail and should be downloaded by anyone who REALLY wants to know what they are doing. It is available here.