Sunday, December 4, 2011

Build your own computer for $40 ? yes you can ...

FIGnition is a simple, educational computer, but a real one, not an emulator. It has real firmware, real RAM, really generates a display, really has storage for when you turn the machine off (roughly the size of an 80s floppy disk).

I remember kits like this from when I was a kid but they were never so simple to get up and running as the FIGnition. This is a great learning tool for schools or individuals who want to explore computer internals.

Click here to go to the FIGnition site :

FIGnition is a $40 educational DIY computer which works like an 8-bit home Micro: outputting to composite video and ready to be interactively programmed from the moment you switch it on. It has  8Kb of RAM; 384Kb of storage; an 8-key keypad and runs a variant of FIG-Forth. It uses USB for power; firmware upgrades and program downloads.

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