Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oracle and the death of Opensolaris.

I mentioned back in June that changes made by Oracle meant that I was no longer able to download critical updates for Solaris systems without a $upport contract from Oracle/Sun. At the same time I pessimistically mentioned that Oracle might squeeze the life out of Opensolaris as well ...

It happened.

On Friday August 15th 2010 a blog post leaked an internal memo from Oracle outlining the path Solaris was to take and also the future of Opensolaris.

Long story short, Opensolaris had no future.

While we still have a few legacy machines at work I'll continue to work with Solaris but I'm done with it otherwise. Regardless of the financial or political reasoning behind Oracle's decisions they have lost a platform for the rapid development and testing of new features and a potential customer base for their more robust enterprise offerings.

It was nice while it lasted.
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