Thursday, September 22, 2011

Retro QSL card design

I was looking through my hard-drive today and came across this QSL card I printed up and mailed off a while back.

Vintage style QSL card.
If you've never seen a QSL card before they are basically a postcard, sent by one amateur radio operator to another, that confirms a two way radio contact.

Although we have electronic logging nowadays there are still some situations where it is nice to get a real physical card in the mail. This particular one was sent to an ham on the occasion of his first digital mode contact.

I made the card using a program called GIMP (very similar to Photoshop, but free) and a teletype font I downloaded from here.

I've always liked vintage radio and this card is designed in that 1920/30s style. Printed out on heavy card stock they are very similar to the original and make a nice souvenir.

In case you're wondering, that is the Southern Cross in the top left hand corner. If you know me, you'll know why its there.


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