Thursday, February 9, 2012

Now I understand - Standing Wave Ratio (SWR)

There are great books out there that explain radio principals in a plain and straightforward manner. Many are vintage military manuals whose primary aim was to give a functional understanding of the theory involved without getting caught up in the interesting but ultimately unnecessary details.

Modern material on the other hand can sometimes miss the mark of providing a functional understanding in favor of trying to completely address the high level theory and leaving practical matters to be addressed later ... or perhaps never.

The AT&T training video certainly hits the mark when it comes to explaining and showing the properties of radio waves. It shows how they are affected by termination and changes in impedance, what resonance looks like, how terminated and non-terminated lines reflect waves and much more.

Material like this is well worth the time of anyone who has an interest in radio or electronics.

More video are available from the AT&T archives here :