Monday, February 21, 2011

RCA WR-99A Crystal-Calibrated Marker Generator

Well, what the heck is it?

Its a fancy radio frequency signal generator made by RCA (Radio Corporation of America) and used to service television and radios.

Original cost was approximately $260 and coverage was from 19 Mhz to 260 Mhz ( ... or 19 Megacycles to 260 Megacycles)

The frequency range is above normal broadcast bands so it is not really designed to service AM radios ... mostly FM radios and television sets.

A precise (hopefully) crystal oscillator provides markers every 1 Mhz or 10Mhz to aid in setting the variable frequency (it has an inbuilt heterodyne detector and audio output) or you can use a frequency counter like I have to accurately set the output. There is also a 4.5Mhz marker for IF alignment.

The switches probably need a shot of contact cleaner but otherwise it works just fine. Its not a piece of equipment that would be used very much nowdays but its an impressive beasty when it lights up and the band change controls change over with a satisfying thump.

Oh ... yes, it does have tubes that light up inside ... so qualifies as "real" radio equipment :-)

RCA WR-99A Crystal-Calibrated Marker Generator
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