Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thermal drift and increased SWR - Part III

Thanks to WB5TKI who kindly loaned me a spare 50ft of coax, I am now fairly sure that my bargain-bin coax was responsible for the rising SWR I had experienced the last few days.
I wasn't able to run a really long session last night but the few QSOs I managed were satisfying in a few ways:
  • The SWR seemed steady while transmitting. 
  • When tuning the antenna using an analyzer at the rig end of the coax I'm able to realize very close to 1:1 SWR.
  • I made my first DX contact of a significant distance and crossed the North Atlantic Ocean when I responded to a CQ from F5TTI in Vermelles, France. F5TTI has some fairly impressive antennas so I think that had a lot to do with pulling my signal out of the aether ... I'm still calling it a win though :-)
I've enjoyed the 40M loop antenna so much I'm working up plans for a 20M-17M-15M loop to compliment it. N5IDF has expressed interest in building one as well so there may be a few more of these unique antennas being used in the future.
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