Thursday, March 31, 2011


No, I'm not going to complain about bureaucratics or office life. I'd like to draw your attention instead to a photographic exhibition I found online.
I've always felt more comfortable around old books & had a lifetime interest with printing and the technology that makes it possible. That is why I started looking through the photographs but not why I kept looking until I had seen every one.
This exhibition makes it possible to compare and contrast the different lives of people who spend their lives shuffling paperwork and managing the flow of information that modern society generates.
Be sure to look through the text below each photograph and note the small personal details and salary information of each person featured.

Click on the photograph below to enter the exhibition:

India, Bihar, bureaucracy, 2003. Typeroom in the Finance Department of "the Old Secretariat" in the state capital Patna. The seemingly rusty old typewriters are awaiting use: the department is supposed to be 40% understaffed. The presence of several snoring employees gives a different suggestion.
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