Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sick radio on the bench

Should have been an easy fix but I suspect, after running a few searches through Google, that it is suffering from the dreaded silver mica disease. This would require taking the IF coil cans apart and replacing the integral silver mica capacitors with external units, not a project for the feint of heart!

Another day perhaps ... there are other projects to complete first.

Zenith 6J05 chassis and IF cans, looks simple enough doesn't it?

Front view of the Zenith chassis, the dial light also requires replacement.

Tubes! ... Some will be used in a homebrew transmitter.
The EICO signal tracer (behind the box of tubes) is working fine now but the EICO RF signal generator requires work.

An old tube AF power amp, low pass filter, coils, chokes and my meter collection ... there is even an RF ammeter in there somewhere.
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