Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Now I understand - Measuring capacitance with a micro-controller

The excellent article by Rajendra Bhatt explains not only how capacitance can be measured but also how a micro-controller can be interfaced to an analog circuit to create a useful piece of test equipment.

Capacitance meter by Rajendra Bhatt
I found the explanation of the RC time constant method of measurement as interesting as the micro-processor project itself and congratulate Raj on demonstrating a practical and workable real-life example of what can normally be a dry textbook subject.

Click here : http://embedded-lab.com/blog/?p=4400 to read the article which includes everything you need to duplicate his project. 

The page is part of the excellent http://embedded-lab.com/ web site which is well worth a look. I know it is going in my bookmarks and RSS feed.