Thursday, April 14, 2011

Flying practice.

A few days ago I decided to restart my morning bike rides. This means getting up at 5AM (I'm not a morning person so this is a struggle) and going for a 1 hour ride around the neighborhood.
The particular ride was cut short as I encountered an unexpected change in ground level and was sent sailing over the handle bars only to break my fall a few seconds later with my elbow.
A bone in my elbow, not usually subjected to this type of punishment, broke off and took up temporary residence quite a way from its original home. Since tendons that help my arm to move were attached to this bone I found myself riding one handed back to the house.
A few xrays later it seems as though I'll be having some surgery soon to reattach pieces of bone back together with whatever titanium bits the doctor deems necessary. In the meantime I'm consuming the minimum pain relievers required to take the edge of the pain without turning into a zombie.

This is what a normal elbow joint should look like.
This is what my elbow joint looks like at the moment, the yellow highlighted piece is broken away from the main joint.
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