Monday, April 11, 2011

Coming soon to a computer near you!

The next version of Ubuntu is coming soon
While I'm on the topic of things that are coming out soon: The new Ubuntu Linux release 11.04 is nearly ready to download.
I've been running it for a while now and I'm still getting used to the new interface but it is growing on me slowly. Several updates are being released to fix glitches and complaints from users so the product is rapidly being refined as I write this.
The last few updates have made a big difference in usability and I am beginning to enjoy the experience of using Ubuntu Linux 11.04. I wouldn't suggest installing it just at the moment but go ahead and take a look after the release date. You can try before you buy by downloading the CD and booting your computer into a live system, if all your hardware is detected then you'll be good to install on your harddrive.
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