Monday, April 4, 2011


There is a relatively new digital mode available for amateur radio use known as JT65. Like WSPR and other low bitrate modes JT65 can operate well into the noise and makes use of relatively low power levels. This is good news for apartment dwellers or hams in antenna restricted environments. DX contacts using less than one watt are not unheard of due to its highly optimized message format and method of accurately timing the transmit/receive cycle.
JT65 is not going to appeal to rag-chewers as the messages you pass back & forth are terse in the extreme, consisting of call signs, grid and signal report. However, these exchanges do make up a valid QSO and count toward awards if logged.
A version of the JT65 software specifically coded for HF work is found below and I suggest , if interested, you download both the application and the very good manual which will walk you though your first JT65 contacts.

The JT65-HF application in operation.
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