Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mapping your ADIF logfile to Google Maps

I had tried Google-mapping a while back with limited success, manually kludging together several utilities until I got a Google map of my contacts. This new utility from K2DSL makes the operation VERY easy.

Just select your adif log file (You can download yours from Logbook of the World or export one from your logging software) and click Upload and Map. You may want to enter your home grid square if you have issues with the contact origin or the map looks strange as I did.

Select your adif file, set your home gridsquare and map it!
The output will be familiar to anyone who has used Google maps but with the additional option of being able to download a kml file to use in Google earth!

France, on a magloop, in the garage.
With Google earth it becomes obvious very quickly which way your antenna favors and where you are reaching. Clicking on a contact opens up the time, band and mode information if it was recorded in your adif log, very smart.

East coast - yes, West coast - not so much.
A very useful piece of work from K2DSL, available at his website