Monday, January 9, 2012

PACO C-25 Capacitor Tester

I recently attended the Houston Vintage Radio Association post holiday dinner and participated in the auction held after the meal. It was a great evening and if you have any interest in vintage radio I would suggest getting in touch with the HVRA and becoming a member.
Among other things I walked away with at the end of the evening was a PACO Model C-25 capacitor tester.

The PACO C-25 differs from my Healthkit IT-22b in that it tests both regular and electrolytic capacitors as well as using a 40Mc oscillator to enable a rough measure of capacitance using a bridge circuit.
Most of the time, with vintage vacuum tube equipment, capacitor values need only be "in the ballpark" to function perfectly so a high degree of accuracy is not required. For more accuracy I have a Heathkit impedance/capacitance bridge if required.
I have my doubts how accurate the tester would be when measuring capacitance "in circuit" but otherwise it looks to be a very useful bit of kit!
The users manual should be available here and the circuit diagram is shown below.